Oct 29, 2018

: When will new fitment factor be announced


The new fitment factor would take another month or two to be announced. This has been a question on everyone’s mind and the government too had put this decision on hold as the electionprocess has been set in motion. The most likely date for the announcement is January 2019.
How were increments given Increments to CG employees were given on the basis of different fitment factor. A report in Zee Business states that the government gave a certain increment on the basis of different fitment factors for the different levels at the time of implementing the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. According to this the highest fitment factor was at level 17, which was 2.81. Officers at this level get a basic pay of Rs 2,25,000.
What is the fitment factor likely to be The fitment factor could be anything in the range of 3 times to 3.68 times. While CG employees would hope for the fitment factor to be at 3.68 times. However the most likely fitment factor that the government would decide on would be 3 times.
Will there be arrears While CG employees would hope that there would be arrears, the most likely possibility is that there would be none. If the new fitment factor more than what the 7th Pay Commission had recommended is announced on January 26, then the same would be made applicable from January 1 2019.
Source – Odisha TV