Jun 19, 2018

ZingHR adopts an employee-centric, mobile-first approach covering the entire spectrum from ‘Hire-to-Retire Processes’.

1. What are Zing’s cloud platform offerings?

ZingHR is a 360° smart HCM platform that empowers businesses with Enterprise Cloud Application Solutions for Human Capital Management, across geographies. ZingHR adopts an employee-centric, mobile-first approach covering the entire spectrum from ‘Hire-to-Retire Processes’. With the cloud application solutions, ZingHR aims to help Increase EBIDTA margins, impacts business outcomes and increase people engagement.

ZingHR delivers Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning Management, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Travel & Expense Management, Life cycle, Off-boarding with a layer of cutting edge technologies including analytics, Machine Laearning, Voice Bots, Face Recognition.

ZingHR’s cloud powered and SaaS modeled product provides real-time transactions, reduces administrative effort, increases data quality, and provides clean, uncluttered user interface to its users. It provides easy integration with existing systems and faster deployments, supported with the best-in-class security platforms and a multi-tenant architecture.

Q2. You have designed Zing chatbot which has been designed to behave like a virtual HR. How is it different from any others in the market?

The ZingHR Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence driven virtual HR that engages employees in conversations and retrieves relevant information and performs transactions. It effortlessly performs mundane tasks for the HR like employee query handling, applying for leaves, sharing payslip details, etc. This multilingual, voice enabled chatbot is operational 24x7. Hence, the Smartest Way To Engage, Real-Time.

The use cases for Chatbots include -

1. Policy References

2. Leave and Expenses

3. Surveys

4. Travel Bookings

5. Onboarding

Benefits of using the ZingHR Chatbot:

Contextual Conversations

The AI powered Chatbot gets smarter with every interaction. This enables more contextual conversations.

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduces the number of tickets raised. Provide immediate support and information 24*7.

Effective Onboarding

New joinees can get instant information on company policies, probation period, leaves etc.

Faster Decision Making

Empowers employees to make better and faster decisions with easy access to information.

Higher satisfaction

ZingHR Chatbot can help build a company culture that aligns with the organization goals.

Q3. In today’s time of mergers and acquisitions, can you highlight three key points to be kept in mind for a successful merger?

-Clearly define the goals, metrics and the direction that is to follow. Establish the whys and hows of the merger. Communicate the benefits of the merger to your internal and external stakeholders.

- Never underestimate a thorough due diligence. Make sure that you have access to and have meticulously reviewed key details. It is critical to understand that the business is in good standing.

- Take the time to bridge cultures and embrace commonalities. Build purposeful relationships for a smoother transition.

Q4. What is your take on the Flipkart- Walmart deal?

We are extremely optimistic about the startup ecosystem in India, to solve India-centric problems, which pique investors’ interest for the long run. Thereby this deal boosts further confidence in startups and entrepreneurs.

Q5. What is your idea of employee satisfaction? Why do you think it's important for the growth of the company?

As you create a better work environment and culture where employees feel valued, they are more satisfied and less likely to leave. Higher employee satisfaction is synonymous with increased productivity. Additionally it encourages loyalty and enhances the employer brand.

High employee dissatisfaction can cause reduced productivity. The time and cost spent in identifying and hiring quality talent is high.

Q6. How would you explain the life cycle of an employee?

- Recruitment: This includes the complete hiring process from identifying, shortlisting and interviewing candidates. ZingHR’s innovation has revolutionized recruitment with Machine

Learnig for Recruitment and Robotic Interviews. AI enabled recruitment saves shortlisting time by 92%, improves efficiency by 70%, with faster and smarter with optimum accuracy.

- Onboarding: Once the candidate has been selected, onboarding streamlines the documentation and verification process. ZingHR’s Mobile Onboarding app maximizes candidate engagement with a complete paperless, hassle-free onboarding experience. The app is now enabled with Voice Command To Fill Out Forms for 80% faster form submissions.

- Learning: A continuous evaluation of an employee’s performance is crucial in understanding the right training that can be provided to help him/her perform better. Zing Learn is an interactive and personalized multilingual platform that supports blended learning. It can be linked to PIP (performance improvement plan) and competency frameworks.

- Appraisal: This stage covers employee performance reviews, 3600 surveys, appraisals and goal setting. ZingHR defines performance metrics that help employees and businesses to thrive in an immensely competitive world.

- Off-boarding: This is the final stage where an employee is leaving the organization. Off-boarding is critical for the HR to gain honest and valuable feedback from the employee. Off-boarding at ZingHR ensures that the complete process is transparent, accurate and efficient.

Q7. How does Zing participate in employee engagement?

ZingHR encourages cultural and festive celebrations with games and fun activities to keep up the spirit. Weekly employee engagement and team building activities, competitions etc., are held at the office.

Q8. While choosing or buying HR Tech solutions, what should HR and business leaders keep in mind?

The key determining factors for HR leaders and CxOs to consider while partnering with an HR Tech Solution provider are:

Source - BW