Dec 17, 2017

7th Pay Commission International Travel entitlement by Air or Sea

International Travel Entitlements by Air
Travel Entitlement
17 and aboveFirst Class
14 to 16Business/Club class
13B, 13A, 13 and belowEconomy class
Auth : GoI, MoD letter No 12630/Mov C/242/D (Mov)/ 2017 dated 15 Sep 2017.

Entitlement for Journey by Sea or by River Steamer

LevelTravel Entitlement
9 and aboveHighest Class
5A to 8Lower class if there be two classes only on the steamer
4 and 5If  two  classes  only,  the  lower  class.  If three classes, the middle or second class. If there be four classes, the third class
3 and belowLowest class
Source - Gconnect