Jul 30, 2015

रेलवे में नौकरी कर रहे लोगों के लिए कैट का बड़ा फरमान RAILWAY KE PORMOTION ME KOI RESERVATION NAHI - CAT

केंद्रीय प्रशासनिक ट्रिब्यूनल (कैट) ने रेलवे में तकनीकी कैडर के पुनर्गठन में आरक्षित वर्ग को प्रमोशन देने के मामले में आरक्षण को दरकिनार कर केवल वरिष्ठता के आधार पर प्रमोशन देने की बात कही है। ट्रिब्यूनल ने कहा कि प्रमोशन में कोई रिजर्वेशन लागू न हो।

कैट की एक खंडपीठ ने मंगलवार को रेलवे के डीजल लोकोमोटिव वर्क्स में डीजल टेक्नीशियन ग्रेड-1 के पद पर कार्यरत 39 कर्मचारियों की ओर से दायर एक याचिका के संबंध में यह फैसला सुनाया। उन्होंने रेलवे के उस फैसले को कैट में चुनौती दी थी, जिसमें कैडर का पुनर्गठन करते हुए एससी/एसटी कोटे के कर्मचारियों को प्रमोशन में लाभ पहुंचाया गया था।

इन कर्मियों ने रिजर्व कैटेगरी के कर्मचारियों को प्रमोट कर दिए जा रहे लाभ को चुनौती देते हुए याचिका दायर की थी। इसमें कहा गया था कि यह कैडर में 50 प्रतिशत से ज्यादा की रिजर्वेशन पा रहे हैं। याचिकाकर्ताओं के मुताबिक रेलवे के पास ऐसा कोई डाटा नहीं है, जिसके मुताबिक सही रूप से रिजर्व कैटेगरी को प्रमोशन का लाभ मिले।

रेलवे के गुरपिंदर सिंह समेत अन्य टेक्नीशियनों ने भारत सरकार, डीजल लोकोमोटिव वर्क्स पटियाला के सीएओ के खिलाफ अर्जी दायर की थी।

SOURCE - chandigarh.amarujala

Jul 28, 2015

EMPLOYEE NEWS CENTER: Don't miss these deductions while filing returns

EMPLOYEE NEWS CENTER: Don't miss these deductions while filing returns: Here are a few little known deductions, from specified illnesses to donations, that taxpayers tend to miss out on Most taxpayers are fam...

Jul 26, 2015

RAIL NEWS CENTER: KOTA DRM KAND - Railway has ordered vigilance enqu...

RAIL NEWS CENTER: KOTA DRM KAND - Railway has ordered vigilance enqu...

7th Pay Commission  to recommend the Compensatory City allowance again

Sources said that the 7th CPC may recommend the Compensatory City allowance in its report for Central Govt employees. Upto 5th Pay Commisson, CCA has been granted to all CG Employees and we all know that the 6th CPC has abolished. The NC JCM Staff Side strongly suggested in its memorandum to introduce again the CCA to submitted to 7th Pay Commission earlier. The unconfirmed sources said, the CCA will come with two criteria as granting in the 5th CPC.
The Compensatory City allowance has been granted to Central Government employees since the First Central Pay Commission. This allowance was sanctioned to compensate for the high cost of living in bigger cities classified as such for grant of house rent allowance. Upto 3rd CPC it used to

Jul 24, 2015

EMPLOYEE NEWS CENTER: मीटिंग में सुहागरात ऐप डाउनलोड करते रहे अधिकारी

EMPLOYEE NEWS CENTER: मीटिंग में सुहागरात ऐप डाउनलोड करते रहे अधिकारी: रामपुर  अधिकारी विकास कार्यों को लेकर कितने गंभीर हैं, इसका अंदाजा इसी बात से लगाया जा सकता है कि प्रमुख सचिव की मीटिंग में एक अधि...

Jul 23, 2015

DEFENCE EMPLOYEE: Status of Implementation of One Rank One Pension -...

DEFENCE EMPLOYEE: Status of Implementation of One Rank One Pension -...: Status of Implementation of OROP The principle of One Rank One Pension for the Armed Forces has been accepted by the Government. The...

Jul 3, 2015

No Pay Band – Grade Pay after 7th Pay Commission

The All India Audit & Accounts Association has met the 7th pay commission on 27-3-2015  to tender its Oral evidence. The Association observed that the 7th pay commission was of the view to discard the Pay Band – grade pay system. The feed back of the Meeting is posted in its Blog. The copy of the report is given below
All India Audit & Accounts Association
CSV Warrier Bhawan
Reference : AIA /Circular-10/2015,
dated 28.03.2015
Unit Secretaries
Members & Spl Invitees NE & Members of Women’s Committee
Dear Comrades,
Tendering of Oral Evidence before 7 CPC
The 7th CPC had invited the All India Audit & Accounts Association for tendering oral evidence on 27th March 2015 at this office at Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi. In addition to the Secretary General, Coms M.Duraipandian, V.Nageswara Rao, KL Gautam and Anilkumar appeared before the Commission for the oral evidence. The Commission was present in full strength
The following demands were placed before the Commission:
2. Correcting the distortions in the implementation of 6 CPC recommendations with respect to IA & AD and organised Accounts Viz.
i) grant of GP 4200 to Auditor / Accountant
ii) grant of GP 4600 to SA, granting parity with Assistants of CSS
iii) grant of GP 5400 to AAO on completion of 4 years
3. Grant Promotion to SA to GP 4800 and higher starting pay of PB 2, 5400 to AAO and space for further career advancements for these orders
There was detailed discussion on each of our demands. It was pointed out by us that CAG of India has also recommended each of above demand and also grant of GP 6600 and 7600 to AOs and SAOs. The Chairman appreciated it. The Commission assured to take a positive look on our demands which are also supported by CAG.
The demands were explained in its historical background and also on functional basis. The recommendations of the past pay commissions were also brought to the notice of the CPC. The award by the Central Board of Arbitration in favour of the employees in respect of parity between SA and Assistants in CSS was particularly pointed out. Chairman expressed his unhappiness on the non implementation of the award by the employees and workers.
On our demand for career progression for SA and AAO, the Commission stated that though it is sympathetic it is not sure what could be done, given the hierarchical structure available in IA and AD.
We also raised the issue of re-introduction of Touring Special Pay and pointed out to the Award that was won by the All India Audit & Accounts Association from the Board of Arbitration and its rejection by the Parliament in 2002.
We further requested for introduction of 4 advance increments on passing of Departmental confirmatory examination, explaining the system prevailed before 3rd CPC, recommendation of 3rd CPC following which it was discontinued and its re introduction in 1981 an amount equivalent to 3 increments. We pointed out that the conversion of this qualification pay into deemed allowance after 5 CPC and requested for its re-introduction.
During the discussion the Chairman observed that the commission is of the view to discard the PB-GP System.


On 23-24 March 2015, the Standing Conïnittee of Staff Side, NC, JCM, tendered the oral evidence before the 7 CPC. The delegation was led by Shri Raghavaiah, Leader, Staff Side and Corn Shiva Gopal Mishra, Secretary, Staff Side.
Com KKN Kutty presented the memorandum on behalf of the NC, JCM. The gist of discussion is given in the enclosed Circular issued by Corn Shiva Gopal Mishra, Secretary, Staff Side.
The Pay Commission stated that the principle that vuld guide to determine the minimum wage shall be Dr Aykroid formula on it (ie 15 ILC norms). It has further stated its intention to do away with pay band/grade pay system. On some other issues, the Pay Commission has sought the views of the Staff Side (which shall be conveyed to the Commission shortly).
With greetings,
Your Fraternally
(M.S. Raja)
Secretary General