Jul 4, 2017

Equal pay for Equal work – Rule 25 of Contract Labour Regulation Act – BMS view before Govt


Dattopant Thengadi Bhawan,

27 Dheendhayal Upadhyay Marg

New Delhi 110002


Dated- 29.06.2017

BMS submission in the meeting called by Ministry of Labour and Employment on amending Rule 25.

BMS opposes any dilution of law on “Equal pay for Equal work“. Government should not go for any amendment that may dilute the legal provision that make it compulsory “Equal pay for Equal work” contained in Rule 25 of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition), Central Rule. Supreme Court also has ordered all establishments and Governments to implement Rule 25 on “Equal pay for Equal work”. Recent Supreme Court Judgment is historic and should not be disturbed or diluted. It is ridiculous that NITI Aayog has proposed deletion of Rule 25 from the statute. Permanent jobs are being lost and contractualisation is increasing in the country. Wage exploitation and other rampant exploitations of contract labour are rising day by day. Strong legal amendments are needed to stop such exploitations. Labour Ministry should take initiative towards this. The present amendment is vague and may give room for adverse legal interpretations. Hence BMS demands that instead of this, a provision is to be added to provide “monthly pay of Rs.10000 or Minimum wages notified or Equal pay for Equal work whichever is higher”

BMS delegation headed by Shri C.K. Saji Narayanan, National President, along with Shri Pawan Kumar, Zonal Organizing Secretary, attended the discussion.

Yours faithfully,

(Radhe Shyam Bhardwaj)