Jul 5, 2017

Difference of Pay and Allowances between June & July 2017 after Cabinet Decision - Conclusive 7th Pay Commission Pay and Allowance Calculator

Yes, this is the final and conclusive calculator for finding exact pay and allowances for CG Employees. The pay and allowances calculation based on the decision taken by the Cabinet Committee on 28.6.2017. All allowances will come into effect from 1st July 2017 as per the Cabinet Decision. Particularly, House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance and NPA will be calculated revised rates approved by the Cabinet on 28th June, 2017.

We are presenting a simple online calculator for finding the new and revised pay and allowances for the month of JULY 2017. And also indicated the difference between the months of JUNE and JULY 2017. Enter your 6th CPC Pay and Allowances details in the calculator, immediately it convert into revised format and gives for your ready reference.

- cgstaffnews