Jun 17, 2017

Revision of Duty List of Train Conductors in 1AC, 2AC, 3 AC and 1st Class.



New Delhi, dated: 8-06-2017

The Chief Commercial Managers,
All Zonal Railways

(Commercial Circular No.39/2017)

Sub:- Revision of Duty List of Train Conductors in 1AC, 2AC, 3 AC and 1st Class.

Ref:-Board’s letter No. 2015/TG-V/12/3 dated 04.10.2016 (CC.No. 58/2016)

The list, highlighting some of the important duties /responsibilities of various categories of the ticket checking staff such as Train Superintendent, Train Conductor and TTEs were issued vide Board’s Commercial Circular No. 58/2016.

Further, in order to achieve greater control over the activities related to provision of on-board catering services and to provide real time assistance to the travelling public for enhanced customer experience, the duty list of the Train Conductors needs to be redefined on the similar lines to the duties assigned to a Train Superintendent.

In view of the above, a modified consolidated duty list of Train Conductors, adding the new sets of duties in duties already stipulated vide Board’s CC No.58/2016 with slight modification is enclosed.

The revised duty lists shall be as follows and should be brought to the notice of all concerned.


1. He shall report for duty at least one hour before the scheduled departure of the train at the train originating station and at least half an hour before the schedule arrival of the train at the intermediate station. He shall invariably declare his personal/private cash in his custody in the private cash register maintained in the TTE Lobby, before commencement of his official duties.

2. He shall wear a neat and clean uniform (as prescribed by the competent authority) along with number, badge, name plate, etc.

3. He shall ‘‘Sign On” and “Sign Off’ on the register maintained at the station for this purpose.

4. He shall obtain complete position of the reservations, check the same on train, maintain records (Charts, etc.) and hand over to the reliever complete and correct details showing the vacant berths/seats of all coaches under his charge.

5. He shall check the tickets of the passengers in the coach and guide the passengers in occupying their accommodation. He shall prevent illegal/unauthorized entry in the coach includ ing the platform ticket holders.

6. He shall ensure that the number of passengers does not exceed the number of passengers indicated in the reservation chart and also that only bonafide passengers are occupying seats/berths in the coaches allotted to him.

7. He shall collect railway dues such as reservation, supplementary and other charges and issue EFTs for all such railway dues collected by him from passengers promptly without fail.

8. He will ensure that passengers in the coach do not carry heavy luggage in their compartments causing inconvenience to fellow passengers and assists such passengers to transfer the luggage to Luggage Van/Cabin.

9. He shall take care of the passenger amenities and cleanliness of the coaches, checking and ensuring that they are in proper working order, especially the condition of washroom/toilets and drinking water facilities (if available in the train). He shall help in disseminating information to passengers about the availability of On Board Housekeeping Services (OBHS) staff (if available on his train) on board, along with their mobile phone numbers, so that passengers can make use of the services of OBHS staff (along with their specific location in each coach) should be suitably publicized among the train passengers by the Train Conductor and ail the ticket checking staff on board in the train.

10. He shall take care that the doors of the coaches are kept latched during run of the train and open them as and when required by the passengers at the station platforms only.

11. He shall ensure that the end doors of the vestibule coach are kept locked during 22.00 hrs to 06.00 hrs to prevent unauthorized entry of passengers from adjoining coaches.

12. Fie shall remain vigilant particularly during the night time and prevent entry of unauthorized persons / beggars/intruders in the coach. Fie shall remain available on his allotted berth/seat as and when he is not checking tickets or assisting passengers.

13. He shall always be polite, tactful and courteous in his dealings with the passengers leaving no room for any complaints. He shall render special assistance to senior citizens, female passengers and persons with disabilities as also differently abled passengers. In case any passenger falls sick enroute, he shall arrange suitable medical assistance by informing the nearest station or the control office.

14. He shall allot berths/seats which are vacant to passengers at intermediate stations on realization of due fare/surcharge as per rules on first come-first served basis or according to the priority on the waiting list if such a list is kept at the station.

15. He shall take assistance of GRP/RPF if necessary for removal of unauthorized occupants and deal with them under provisions of Section 155(1) of Railway Act, 1989. He shall remain in constant touch with the on board GRP/RPF staff on duty via wallde talkie set (if made available to him) or on mobile phone, or by such other means as possible.

16. He shall be present in the allotted coach during duty hours and if more than one coach are to be manned, give frequent visits to all the coaches to be manned or be seated on the berth earmarked for on-board Ticket Checking Staff in the coaches allotted to him. Whenever the train stops at a scheduled halt station as also at the originating station, he shall stand outside the coach on the platform prominently to guide entraining passengers to their respective coaches.

17. He shall issue Guard Certificate/Receipt to AC passengers in case of failure of AC equipment or when passenger is compelled to travel in lower class with a higher class ticket for want of room /accommodation.

18. He shall carry blank FIR forms for making them available to the passengers in case of any incident of theft of luggage etc. Such forms duly filled in shall be handed over to the next GRP Post at the scheduled stoppage for further action in the matter.

19. The conductors shall make out a report of the deficiencies, if any, of the whole train regarding passenger amenities (especially regarding cleanliness and non availability of water in coaches and electrical deficiencies) and submit the same at the end of his duty to the Lobby Office set up at the station for terminating trains. If the Conductor is detraining at an intermediate station, he will give the deficiencies report to the incoming Conductor who will deposit the same at destination. The Lobby Office shall take necessary action for getting the deficiencies rectified and also report the matter to SM (Comml.) and Divisional Commercial Manager (DCM) or Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr. DCM) of the concerned Division.

20. He will be responsible for taking action against the persons smoking in public place under Tobacco Product Act 2003, as persons authorized in terms of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, Gazette Notification No. GSR/680(E) dated 15.09.2009.

21. He will ensure that whenever inflammable and dangerous/prohibited goods are detected,intimation about the same is given to the station staff for necessary action.

22. He will take care that all necessary assistance is provided in using firefighting equipment available in the coach in cases need arises. He will ensure that all possible assistance is provided to passengers for providing first-aid to him/her. If the train is involved in an accident, then the TC along with the team of TTEs, coach attendants, OBHS staff and other railway staff on board, shall provide all assistance to passengers with first aid and also assist thenu in recovering their personal belongings, and initiate all steps for disaster management at the accident site so as to provide suitable relief and assistance to the affected passengers (as provide in the Accident Manual and the Division’s Disaster Management Plan).

23 . He shall be on the lookout for any possible suspected trafficking of children in the trains or at Stations by the middlemen who intend to use/sell them for various illegal tasks. Suspected cases may immediately be reported to GRP/RPF post and assistance booths available on the platforms at the next halt station of the run of the train.

24. He shall be overall in-charge of the TTEs, Coach Attendants, amenities staff like electric, C&W, catering manager and catering staff on duty by the same train and will supervise their work.

25. He shall also maintain a complaint book in his custody and make the same available to passengers on demand for recording complaints, if any. He should ensure that prompt action is taken to remove the cause of the complaint and render satisfactory service to the passengers.

26. He shall exercise checks on the catering service on the train in respect of quality and quantity of food, cleanliness of uniform and utensils, behaviour of the Manager and bearers, production of vouchers by the bearers, timely service of meals, proper vending of tea, coffee, snacks and cold drinks.

27. Pantry car manager is to maintain complaint books separately. He will ensure that the complaint books are readily available with him. He will check the nature of complaints and their proper dispatch for further action.

28. He shall check that all prices of the menu items should be displayed prominently in the pantry cars and elsewhere on the train, as possible and sold at the prices (MRP) fixed by the competent authority as per the approved menu card.

29. He shall check that all waiters/catering staff must invariably carry with them the menu card with prices (including taxes, if any) which should be readily produced on demand by any passengers.

30. Such other activities as may be prescribed from time to time.

(Vikiram Singh)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board

Source : http://www.indianrailways.gov.in