Jun 11, 2017

Recording of PPO Number in the passbook of Pensioners / Family Pensioners: RBI’s instructions to Bank


June 8, 2017
All Agency Banks
Dear Sir / Madam
Recording of PPO Number in the passbook of Pensioners / Family Pensioners
As you are aware, it has been decided to record the PPO number in all the pension passbooks of the pensioners/family pensioners issued to them. This is to alleviate the difficulties reported by pensioners/family pensioners to get duplicate Pension Payment Orders (PPO) in case of missing of original PPO, transfer of pension account from one bank/branch to another bank/branch, commencement of family pension to spouse or dependent children after the death of pensioner, etc. in the absence of ready availability of PPO numbers.

2. Necessary instructions in this regard have already been issued to all authorised banks by the Central Pension Accounting Office vide their Office Memorandum CPAO/Tech/Clarifications/P&PW/2014-15/426-497 dated September 17, 2014 and Office of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension) vide their Circular No.185 dated November 28, 2016 (copies enclosed).
3. However, it has been noticed that a few agency banks have not yet implemented the instructions in all their branches. Accordingly all agency banks are advised to record the PPO numbers on the passbook of pensioners/family pensioners.
Yours faithfully
(Partha Choudhuri)
General Manager

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