May 30, 2017

Upgradation of the posts of Sr. SO (A/cs)/Sr. TIA/Sr. ISA in the Railways as recommended by 7 CPC: NFIR

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

No. IV/NFIR/7 CPC (Imp)/2016/R.B/Part I
Dated: 26.05.2017

Special attention: Executive Director/PC-II

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Upgradation of the posts of Sr. SO (A/cs)/Sr. TIA/Sr. ISA in the Railways as recommended by 7 CPC — clearance of DoP&T-reg

Ref: (i) NFIR’s PNM Item No. 15/2013.
(ii) Railway Board’s letter No. PC-VII/2016/RSRP/2 dated 02/08/2016 (RBE No. 93/2016) to the GMs etc.
(iii) NFIR’s letter No. IV/NFIR/7 CPC (Imp)/2016/R.B. dated 12/09/2016 & 15/11/2016 & 26/11/2016 addressed to Board.

Federation invites kind attention of the Railway Board to the correspondence cited under reference. Federation also invites Board’s attention to DoP&T’s ID Note No. 1198678/18- Estt/11405 dated 2nd February 2017 to the Ministry of Railways (EDPC-II)

In this connection, Federation re-iterates that the Ministry of Finance vide resolution dated 25th July 2016 had referred the 7th CPC specific recommendation (Para No. 11.40.83, 11.40.124 of. 7th CPC) to DoP&T for examination. Sadly, the DoP&T has given reply stating that the revision of pay scales and pay structure does not come under the administrative domain of DoP&T and has advised the Railway Ministry to consult Department of Expenditure of Ministry of Finance for the purpose.

NFIR also vide letter dated 26/11/2016 had sought copies of the references made by the Railway Ministry on the subject but unfortunately till date the copies have not been made available. Federation also desires to know the Board’s initiative for ensuring implementation of 7th CPC recommendation. 

NFIR, therefore, once again requests the Railway Board to kindly make available copies of the references made to DoP&T/MoF. The Federation further requests that appropriate communication may be sent to the DoP&T/MoF seeking approval for implementation of 7th CPC recommendation relating to upgradation of CMA, CMS, ACM & SSO (Accounts).


Yours faithfully,

(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Source - Staff News