Jun 22, 2016

7TH CPC - PMO asks Cabinet Secretary to examine report on salary hike of central government employees

New Delhi, June 22: The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Tuesday reportedly asked Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha who is heading the high-powered secretaries committee to examine the report of the 7th Pay Commission which suggests salary hike of Central Government employees. The PMO urged the high powered committee to revise higher pay structures of central government employees before handing it over to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in July.
The government especially the Finance Ministry will soon revise the 7th Pay Commission’s pay structures to reflect higher pay scales of government employees. According to a source, quoted by a newspaper, the panel is likely to increase salary higher than the previous pay commissions.

There are possibilities that the secretaries committee will won’t be able to hand over the proposal to Finance Minister this month as they want two more meetings to make final decision to overcome the difficulties.

The Pay Commission headed by Justice A K Mathur proposed minimum pay hike of 30 per cent and the fitment factor is likely to be raised to around 2.7, up from 2.57 as recommended by the commission.

Around 47 lakh central government employees are eagerly waiting for their salary hike along with the 52 lakh pensioners who are expecting a significant increase in their monthly pensions. The panel suggest that everyone’s salary should be ‘automatically’ increased when the minimum pay is increased.

It has been earlier reported that the central government employees will get bonus as well as arrears ahead of coming festive season Dussehra, according to the pay scales of 7th Pay Commission, they confirmed.